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Figure 277708: doe pages links research results image

Figure 277708: Image - doe page links research results

Screen shot of DOE Pages result page indicating,

The 'Cited by' tab works similarly, providing information and access to research objects that have cited the article.

A new video tutorial, DOE PAGES – Linking Research Results, highlights how research objects are interlinked in DOE PAGES to provide a comprehensive view of the research lifecycle. Relationships among DOE-funded scholarly publications, datasets, and software, for example, can be seen on the References, Cited by, and Other Related Research tabs on the full record pages for search results.

These related research objects have been added from Scholix and Crossref, as well as from DOE-funded researchers and grantees who have submitted their research information to DOE OSTI. This functionality is provided by DOE’s Office of Scientific and Technical Information to increase the visibility, discovery, and retrieval of related knowledge in DOE PAGES.

To learn more about DOE OSTI tools and services, watch this video and others at the OSTI.GOV’s YouTube channel.