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A Video Introduction to the New DOE Patents



Figure 277500: Preview image of the video titled A Video Introduction to DOE Patents.

Figure 277500: A Video Introduction to DOE Patents - Preview Image of YouTube display

Illustration of the YouTube interface. In the top-left corner of the image is the YouTube logo.

In the middle of the image is a frame of the video. It reads, "US Department of Energy, Office of Science, Office of Scientific and Technical Information Introduces DOE Patents."

Below the preview frame are the words "Introducting DOE Patents."

Watch OSTI’s latest video, An Introduction to DOE Patents (link is external), to learn more about recent updates to the search tool.  Now, DOE Patents has the look and feel of OSTI’s flagship OSTI.GOV, as well as resource-specific search tools DOE PAGES, DOE CODE, DOE ScienceCinema, and DOE Data Explorer. In addition to the new look, the search interface has been updated, account functionality has been added, and a news page is available.

DOE Patents is a searchable database of patent information resulting from DOE-sponsored research and development. For more information, email doepatentscomments@osti.gov and watch more informative videos about OSTI services at the OSTI.GOV YouTube Channel (link is external).