The home of the U.S. Department of Energy's Scientific and Technical Information Program (STIP)

Here you will find background, guidance, and more to ensure that DOE-funded STI is appropriately managed and preserved to support scientific research now and in the future.

Technical Information Officers

Roles and Responsibilities

  • TIOs coordinate with the major site/facility management contractor(s) STI Manager(s) activities as they pertain to STI to ensure compliance with the CRD portion of DOE O 241.1B, Scientific and Technical Information Management.
  • TIOs ensure that an appropriate sensitivity review process of STI is implemented by their DOE contracting/acquisitions group and appropriate guidance is provided to DOE contractors and financial assistance recipients. In addition, they should ensure that the STI generated by their financial assistance recipients, non-major site/facility management contractors, and major site/facility management contractors is appropriately reviewed and marked before it is released outside of the jurisdiction of the sites and prior to release to OSTI or Web posting.
  • Related to the sensitivity reviews of STI generated from financial assistance and non-major site/facility management contractors, TIOs should serve as the releasing official or at least coordinate designation and maintain awareness, and provide official approval and notification to OSTI of the designation.
  • TIOs are responsible for ensuring the STI generated by financial assistance recipients and non-major site/facility management contractors is submitted to OSTI according to appropriate submission processes via E-Link. TIOs ensure the DOE contracting officers and contract specialists within their organization are aware of the status and trends related to the sensitivity reviews and timely submission of STI deliverables to OSTI.
  • TIOs participate in preparing official DOE Office responses to STI-related action items relevant to their respective DOE and major site/facility management contractors.
  • TIOs serve as the DOE Office representatives and advocates to ensure that STI objectives and requirements are incorporated as appropriate into the DOE Office strategic plans, DOE management information plans, DOE contractor information architecture plans, life-cycle management plans and procedures, contractor-developed institutional plans, and contract language for new or modified contracts and grants.
  • TIOs are responsible for coordinating and communicating DOE STI goals and objectives and initiating the promotion/education of STI and STIP-related activities at the DOE Office and provide assistance as appropriate to their respective major site/facility management contractor sites. This includes the progression of timely and acceptable electronic formats of announcement records and STI.
  • TIOs represent their organization’s STI objectives/perspectives by staying informed of their in-house STI activities and those of their major site/facility management contractors. Also, TIOs represent their DOE Office by participating in the various STI-related activities and meetings such as Meet-Me Calls, Annual STIP Working Meetings, and special working groups. Active participation in the STIP collaboration is vital and beneficial when contributing to the best practices for a successful STI management program.
  • TIOs participate in rewrites of directives as appropriate, provide updates to the STIP Home Page, and communicate the requirements and best practices to DOE and DOE major site/facility management contractors.
  • Through STIP, TIOs recommend the need for new or revised policies and comment on the new or revised policies put forth. They also ensure that implementation procedures for the new or revised policies are put in place by DOE and coordinate as needed with major site/facility management contractors.
Last updated on Friday 29 April 2016