2018 STIP Working Meeting

STIP and the DOE National Laboratory Library Coalition (NLLC) are combining efforts and the STIP / NLLC meetings will be held the week of April 16 – April 20 at Jefferson Lab in Newport News, VA.

Meeting information can be found at https://www.jlab.org/conferences/stip2018/index.html

Acronyms and Initialisms


AEC Atomic Energy Commission
AMES Ames Laboratory
AN Announcement Notice
ANL  Argonne National Laboratory
ANSI American National Standards Institute
AT Applied Technology
AV Audio-Visual
B&R  budget and reporting
BAPL Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory
BNL Brookhaven National Laboratory
C Confidential
CAF Controlled Access File
CD-ROM Compact Disk - Read Only Memory
CDIAC Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center
CEMI Center for Environmental Management Information
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CIMS Classified Information Management System
CRADA cooperative research and development agreement
CUI Controlled Unclassified Information
DDE DOE Data Explorer
DOE United States Department of Energy
DOI Digital Object Identifier
DTD document type definition
DTIC Defense Technical Information Center
DVD Digital Versatile Disk or Digital Video Disk
E-Link Energy-Link
ECD Energy Citations Database
ECI Export Controlled Information
ERDA Energy Research and Development Administration
ESTSC Energy Science and Technology Software Center
ETDE Energy Technology Data Exchange
ETTP East Tennessee Technology Park
FNAL Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
FOIA Freedom of Information Act
FRD Formerly Restricted Data
FT Full Text
GFO Golden Field Office
GPO Government Printing Office
HTML Hypertext Markup Language
HQ Headquarters
IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency
INIS International Nuclear Information System
INL Idaho National Laboratory
IPAR Individual Procurement Action Report
JLAB Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
KCP Kansas City Plant
KAPL Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory
LANL Los Alamos National Laboratory
LBNL Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
LDRD laboratory directed research and development
LLNL Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
M&O   management and operation
NARA National Archives and Records Administration
NASA National Aeronautic and Space Administration
NEA Nuclear Energy Agency
NETL National Energy Technology Laboratory
NIH National Institutes of Health
NISO National Information Standards Organization
NNDC National Nuclear Data Center
NNPI Naval Nuclear Propulsion Information
NNSA National Nuclear Security Administration
NPTO National Petroleum Technology Office
NREL National Renewable Energy Laboratory
NSF National Science Foundation
NSI National Security Information
NTIS National Technical Information Service
OECD Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
ORAU Oak Ridge Associated Universities
ORISE Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education
ORNL Oak Ridge National Laboratory
OSS Open Source Software
OSTI Office of Scientific and Technical Information
OUO Official Use Only
PADS Procurement and Assistance Data System
PDF portable document format
PDFI portable document format image
PDFN portable document format normal
PDOUO Program Determined Official Use Only
PII Personally Identifiable Information
P.L. Public Law
PNNL Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
POC point of contact
PPPL Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
R&D research and development
RD Restricted Data
RD&D research, development, and demonstration
RSICC Radiation Safety Information Computational Center
RWD Required with default option
S Secret
S&T  scientific and technical
SBIR Small Business Innovative Research
SGML standard generalized markup language
SIAC Specialized Information Analysis Center
SLAC SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
SNL Sandia National Laboratories
SRC Science Research Connection
SREL Savannah River Ecology Laboratory
SRNL Savannah River National Laboratory
SRS Savannah River Site
SSIMS Security Information Management System
SSL Secure Socket Layer
STI scientific and technical information
STIAB Scientific and Technical Information Advisory Board
STICG Scientific and Technical Information Coordinating Group
STIP Scientific and Technical Information Program
STRIPES Strategic Integrated Procurement Enterprise System
STTR Small Business Technology Transfer Program
TAP Tagged Acquisition Protocol
TIO Technical Information Officer
TJNAF Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
U Unclassified
U.S.C. United States Code
UCNI Unclassified Controlled Nuclear Information
URL uniform resource locator
WCH Washington Closure Hanford
WFO Work for Others
WWW World Wide Web
XML Extensible Markup Language
Y-12 Y-12 National Security Complex


Last updated on Tuesday 27 February 2018