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Here you will find background, guidance, and more to ensure that DOE-funded STI is appropriately managed and preserved to support scientific research now and in the future.

STI Software Appropriate for Announcement

Scientific and technical computer software is a type of STI managed by the DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI). A new model for scientific software collaboration, archiving, and dissemination called DOE CODE is in development, which will replace OSTI’s current software center, the Energy Science and Technology Software Center (ESTSC).

DOE national laboratories and other DOE facilities/contractors who have developed and/or modified software during work supported by DOE or during work carried out for others at DOE facilities are required to announce the software with the appropriate announcement record to ESTSC at OSTI, if the software meets the following criteria:

  • the software meets the definition of STI;
  • the software is known or expected to be useful inside or outside the DOE community, or is not specific to the originating site; and
  • a stable, usable, documented version of the software exists (i.e., the software is not under initial development);
  • the software has undergone all appropriate reviews for sensitivity and export control.

For additional information about the submission of DOE scientific and technical software, refer to, or refer to the Software Best Practices document for more information on the internal review, announcement, and dissemination of software.

Exclusions. Software that meets the following criteria need not be announced to ESTSC:

  • operational systems software that is site-specific, unique to a particular hardware, or necessary to ensure the fundamental operability of automated data processing equipment, whether supplied by the manufacturer of the system hardware or others;
  • computer software programs developed and/or modified during work carried out for others at DOE facilities that are specifically excluded in the agreement under which the non-DOE funded work was performed;
  • software generated under the auspices of the Energy Information Administration; and
  • specific software used by power administrations for the operation, control, planning, and modeling of electric power transmission systems and the interconnected utilities; however, modifications/enhancements to portions of this software that are not an integral part of the whole and have potential application outside the power administrations should be announced.

Using the Software Categories table as a guideline, the software may be made available by either submitting the software package to ESTSC, submitting it to a SIAC (for software of applicable scope for a SIAC), or hosting the software on the originating site’s Web server (e.g., applicable freeware).

Announcing Software to OSTI that is Available as Open Source or is Submitted to a Specialized Analysis Center (SIAC)

  • A DOE site that chooses to make software available as Open Source must submit an AN 241.4 to OSTI, and must include a unique URL
  • Software submitted to a SIAC should also be announced to OSTI via an AN 241.4, with availability information provided.

Announcement/Submission Criteria

The following information/material needs to be included when software is announced or submitted to ESTSC or a SIAC:

  • announcement information /metadata contained in Software Announcement Notice 241.4;
  • source code and/or executable file; unique URL; or other location for obtaining the software and
  • documentation, if any, which may consist of a user manual, sample test cases, or similar information required for properly using the software (whether included on the software media itself or provided in a separate file or in paper format).

Software Categories

Different categories of software have different distribution requirements, limitations and appropriate distribution channels, which are defined in the Software Categories table.

This table is not intended to be an exhaustive list. Contact ESTSC at (865) 576-2606 with questions regarding the appropriate announcement or distribution channel.

Announcement Notice Elements

Announcement Notice metadata elements pertaining to Software Announcement Notice 241.4 are listed in the Announcement Notice Metadata Elements table. This table lists the metadata elements, with required (R) and optional (O) fields noted.

Last updated on Thursday 10 August 2017