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DOE Reporting Requirements

DOE reporting requirements for DOE financial assistance recipients are specified as scientific/technical reporting deliverables on the Federal Assistance Reporting Checklist (DOE F 4600.2). Other awardees such as Non-major Site/facility Management Contractors technical reporting requirements are identified in Section J, List of Attachments, of the contract as part of the Performance Work Statement/Statement of Work or as a separate attachment.

Each required Scientific/Technical Report deliverable is to be submitted to DOE in electronic format as indicated in the award instrument/contractual agreement. Electronic documents should be submitted in one integrated file that contains all text, tables, diagrams, photographs, schematic, graphs, and charts and the file size should not exceed 120 MB.
The report deliverable should be submitted via the Announcement Notice 241.3, Announcement of U.S. Department of Energy Scientific and Technical Information for Use by Financial Assistance Recipients and Non-major Site/facility Management Contractors. The Web-based AN 241.3 and instructions are available on the DOE Energy Link (E-Link) System.
A username and password are not needed to submit the AN 241.3; however, it is imperative that your contract number is accurate. Below are basic instructions and other helpful information related to the scientific/technical reporting deliverable. 


Last updated on Monday 27 March 2017