The home of the U.S. Department of Energy's Scientific and Technical Information Program (STIP)

Here you will find background, guidance, and more to ensure that DOE-funded STI is appropriately managed and preserved to support scientific research now and in the future.

What Is Not STI?

Not Submitted to OSTI

The following products (exceptions noted below) are not submitted to OSTI for announcement or availability.

  • Administrative materials
  • Brochures
  • Catalogs
  • Correspondence
  • Databases
  • Draft documents
  • Engineering drawings
  • Field work proposals
  • Financial information
  • Future conference announcements
  • Notices
  • Memoranda
  • Monthly reports
  • Newsletters
  • Policies
  • Procedures
  • Contractor planning documents
  • Proposals or predecisional information
  • Public communications (except S&T accomplishments)
  • Report sections
  • Training or new employee orientation videos
  • Weekly reports
  • WWW pages (except those applicable as an STI product)
  • Non-scientific or technical or non-programmatic publications
Special Submissions to OSTICertain information products are submitted to OSTI for central processing and announcement; however, they are not considered STI and do not follow the same submission process.
Declassified DocumentsThose documents that do not meet the definition of STI and have been determined to be publicly releasable are submitted through the Department's OpenNet database, maintained by OSTI. OpenNet provides easy and timely access to recently declassified documents and related information, in support of the national Openness initiative. (Declassified documents that meet the definition of STI are submitted through the STI program.)
Last updated on Friday 27 April 2018