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Here you will find background, guidance, and more to ensure that DOE-funded STI is appropriately managed and preserved to support scientific research now and in the future.

Metadata Provided to OSTI via 241.1 Elink

STI Metadata Elements
Required (R), Required, but allows for default value (RWD), or Optional (O).

Element Identification of and Attribution for STI Product Requirements
Site Code Identifies the submitting lab, facility, or organization R
Record Status Identifies to E-Link whether the submitted record is new or if the record already exists, if the metadata content is being revised or the product/document itself is being revised. R
STI Product Type Identifies the type of STI product. One value selection is required; only one is allowed. Note that certain product types have associated elements that are typically required. Values:

Technical Report or Workshop Report  Conference/Event Paper, Presentation, or Proceedings (Also requires conference/event information such as name of conference, location, and beginning and end dates of the conference or event.

Journal Article (This product type requires journal type, journal name, volume number, issue number, page range, and serial number.  Author's accepted, peer-reviewed manuscript must also be provided to OSTI.)

S&T Accomplishment Report

Book/Monograph (Publisher's company name and location are required)

Patent (Name of Patent Assignee is required)


Program Document


STI Product Title Provide full title and subtitle/alternate title, if applicable.  May also include version number, edition, or similar information.
DOE Contract Number(s) Provide the primary contract number, in the correct format, first.  Separate multiples with a semicolon and a space. A value of "None" may be used in rare cases when necessary. R
Originating Research Organization(s) Provide the name and location of the organization that performed the research or issued the scientific and technical report/product. More than one organization may be provided; separate multiples with a semicolon and a space.  The organization identified with the site code at the top of the AN 241.1 will automatically copy into this field also. RWD 
Author(s) Utilize the "Enter Each Author" option where possible.  This option breaks out last, first, and middle names, and allows submitter to include email address, author's affiliation, and author's ORCID when available.  The primary author should always be listed first. Allows for “Not Available” as an option for few cases where necessary.  Note that email addresses of authors will not be available to end-users.  This data is used by OSTI to automate author notification. R
Sponsoring Organization(s) Select the DOE program office and sub-program (e.g., USDOE Office of Science SC, Biological and Environmental Research (BER) (SC-23)) providing the funding from the list provided. For projects funded by more than one program office, indicate all sources of the DOE funding in descending order of dollar amount of funding appropriated. R
Contributor Organization(s) Names of organizations (other than originating research organization or sponsor organization) that played a contributing role.  May also put the name of a research collaboration here. O
Country of Origin/Publication Include if country of publication is not United States; defaults to United States RWD
Publication/Issue Date Correct publication date must be provided in MM/DD/YYYY format for technical reports, thesis/disserations, and journal articles or published conference papers/proceedings. Date the presentation was given is expected for a videoed presentation.  
Identifiers and Descriptive Elements
Report/Product Number(s)  Unique formal number assigned to a technical report or a unique, site-assigned, primary number given to a product other than a technical report.  A value of None may be used when no site-assigned number exists.
Digital Object Identifier (DOI) Site may submit publisher's DOI for a journal article or may leave this field blank and OSTI will obtain.  
R&D Project ID(s) Enter the unique and permanent Project ID assigned to the project itself by the Operations Office, DOE Program Office, laboratory, or other installation to identify a particular research project. Multiples may be provided; separate multiple entries with a semicolon and a space. 
Work Proposal Number and
Proposal Revision Number
Any format and multiple entries are accepted.
Work Authorization Number and
Authorization Revision Number
Any format and multiple entries are accepted. O
Other Identifying
Additional unique identifying numbers associated with the scientific and technical report/product may be provided (e.g., CRADA numbers, Non-DOE contract numbers). More than one may be provided. Separate multiple numbers with a semicolon and a space. O
Description/Abstract Defined as the abstract for STI Products. Provide if available (it can be excerpted from the technical report). Text should be publicly releasable information (not personal, financial, or sensitive). Text should be spell-checked, limited in length to 5000 characters, and follow input standards for special characters. O
Subject Categories Select one or more categories from the list provided. Select them in order of relevance to the product. You can review the list of subject category descriptions on the Authorities page.
Keywords These are words or phrases that describe the content of this product. More than one keyword may be entered; separate multiple keywords with a semicolon and a space.
Related Document Information Information useful to include in published announcement record which is not suited for any other metadata field. O
Media/Format and Location Information
Detailed information about the media, format, and location or transmission status of the STI product.
Medium Identifies the medium of the product. One selection is required. Values: Electronic Document (used if full text is being uploaded, transmitted, or linked to through a site URL), Audiovisual Material, Announcement Notice Only (no full-text). R
  Note:  If Electronic Document is hosted at the submitting site, the URL for the PDF document is required.  The link must directly open the document in order for OSTI to remotely index it.

Note:  If Audiovisual Material is selected as the medium, please include:

    • The type of file, such as Audio File, Video File with sound, or Video File w/o sound.
    • The file format of the audiovisual product. Note that the preferred formats are those which can be content-indexed by OSTI's ScienceCinema product.
    • In the related "Other Information" field, provide the length of the video or other audiovisual material as "run time." Example: run time: 01:22:17. This example shows that the run time of the product is one hour, 22 minutes, and 17 seconds. Please use this standard way of reporting run time.
- STI Product is:
- If posted at site, file format is:
- If transmitted to OSTI, file format is:
The business rules for these subelements need to be updated by contractor staff. O
Size of STI Product May be number of pages, size in megabytes, etc. O
Availability (Refer Requests To [if applicable]) Provide if applicable (e.g., if STI product is available only from originator or publisher, particularly if electronic document is not available). State source where document can be obtained upon request. O
Site URL If Electronic Document is hosted at the submitting site, the URL for the PDF document is required.  The link must directly open the document in order for OSTI to remotely index it.  A site url may also be provided for an STI video.
  Used for administrative purposes only, will not be available to end-users. R
STI Product Review/Release Information
Distribution of the STI Product
Distribution/Access Limitations One value selection is required. Non-conflicting multiples are allowed. Includes minimum sub-values (e.g., release date, exemption number, etc.). R
Unrestricted Distribution Values: Unlimited Announcement or OpenNet (provide sub-values).  Unlimited records are open to both the U.S. and non-U.S. public.  
Distribution Limitations – Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) Values: Copyrighted Material with Restrictions Official Use Only (select all that apply)
- Export Controlled Information
- Security Sensitive Information
- Protected Data (provide release date)
- Patent Pending
- Limited Rights Data
- Applied Technology
- Program Directed OUO (provide exemption number)
Naval Nuclear Propulsion Information (NNPI)
Other information Include information that will further explain a distribution limitation.  
Releasing Official DOE or Site’s designated official(s) who ensure(s) that all appropriate intellectual property/dissemination limitation reviews of the STI full-text product are completed. This is also the site’s POC for announcement records for external publications (journals, books, etc.) provided to OSTI.  Used for administrative purposes only, will not be available to end-users. R
Releasing Official's email address and telephone number Used for administrative purposes only, will not be available to end-users. R
Releasing Official's Date Date the Releasing Office reviewed/approved the release of the STI Product.  May be any format.  Is an administrative field only. R
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