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Metadata Provided to OSTI via 241.4 (Software Submission)

STI Metadata Elements

Required (R), Required, but allows for default value (RWD), or Optional (O).

Metadata ElementDescriptionRequired/Optional
Record StatusIdentifies the software product as new or revisedR
Software TitleThe title, acronym, and short KWIC (keywords in context) title of the software.R
Software Developer(s)Unlimited number is acceptable; the primary software developer should be listed first. Allows for NONE as an option for few cases where necessary.R
Email Address(es)Provide in same order as developer names. Will not be available to end user.O
Site Product NumberUnique site number that identifies software product.O
DOE Contract NumberRequired for all (can be NONE).R
R&D Project IDA unique and permanent ID assigned to identify a particular research project or funding source.O
Other Identifying Number(s)If appropriate, includes CRADA number, LDRD number, B&R code, etc.O
Submitting Research Organization(s)The organization/site submitting the software.R
Release Date/Date of IssuanceIdentifies the software release date. Standard format to be following (e.g., follow rules of inputting), but requires standard four-digit year.R
Sponsoring OrganizationThe sponsoring or funding office of the work reported in the STI product. Allows for NONE as an option for few cases where necessary.R
Description/AbstractText should be spellchecked, limited in length to 2000 characters, and in compliance with input standards for special characters. Describe the purpose of the computer program, state the problem being solved and summarize the program functions and capabilities (highlight the advantages, distinguishing features, and/or special capabilities). Provide a short summary of the mathematical methods, engineering principles, numerical algorithms, and procedures incorporated into the software.R
OtherInformation useful to include in published announcement record, which is not suitable for any other field.O
Legal Notices and DisclaimersMay address the conditions under which the software is to be distributed. These notices may be attached as an electronic file or sent as a hard copy.R
Hardware RequirementsPlatform field. Values: PC, Mac, Supercomputer, Mainframe, Multi-platform, Workstation, OtherR
Software RequirementsIdentifies requirements related to utilizing the software.R
Operating System/Version R
Compiler/Version R
Limitations/Restrictions/Timing R
Requirement Estimate R
Other Special Requirements R
Related/Auxiliary Software R
Type(s) of FilesValues: source code, object library, text library, compilation instructions, linking instructions, control information, program flow diagram, program flow data, programmer documentation, auxiliary materials, executable modules, installation instructions, makefile, user guide, sample problem input data, sample problem output data, other.R
Media Type InformationValues: CD-ROM, DVD, Electronic. Provide quantity and capacity.R
FormatSelect one. Values: PC, MAC, UNIX (Tar format).R
Location/TransmissionRequired if product resides on site server or transmitted electronically. Not applicable to products submitted in paper or on electronic media by mail or other shipment. Values: URL, FTP filename.R
Documentation Type InformationSelect one. Values: user manual, readme file, other.R
FormatSelect one. Values: electronic, paper, other.R
Location/TransmissionRequired if documentation resides on site server or transmitted electronically. Not applicable to documentation submitted in paper or on electronic media by mail or other shipment. Values: URL, FTP filename.R
ReferencesList citations of pertinent publications by author, title, report number, bar code, or order number if available, and date. References are to be grouped as: (1) reference documents provided with the submittal package and (2) additional background reference materials generally available.O
Intellectual Property/Distribution LimitationsOne selection is required. NON-CONFLICTING multiples are allowed.
Values (includes minimum supporting fields; e.g., release dates, etc.:
  • Unlimited Announcement (Available to US and Non-US public)
  • Open Source Software
  • Copyrighted/Unlimited Material (Broad Government License)
  • Copyrighted/Limited Material (Limited Government License)
  • Official Use Only (OUO)
  • Export Controlled Information (ECI) (e.g. under ITAR/EAR) (Exemption 3) – OUO
  • Protected Data – CRADA or OTHER – OUO
  • Patent Pending (Exemption 3) – OUO
  • Limited Rights Data (Proprietary/Trade Secret) (Exemption 4) – OUO
  • Nuclear Energy Applied Technology) (Exemption 5) – OUO
  • Program-Determined Official Use Only – OUO
  • Security Sensitive Information (Exemption 2) - OUO
ContactSite contact that will receive any external questions about the software.R
Releasing OfficialSite’s designated official(s) who will ensure that all appropriate sensitivity reviews are completed for announcement and availability purposes (i.e., classification, export control, patent, copyright, UCNI, etc.)R
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