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Metadata Provided to OSTI via AN 241.3 E-link

STI Metadata Elements

Required (R); Required, but allows for default value (RWD); or Optional (O).

Element Description Requirements
Author(s) Include all author names; the primary author should be listed first. Allows for “Not Available” as an option for few cases where necessary. R
Email Address(es) Provide in same order as author names. Will not be available to the end user. This data is used by OSTI to automate author notification. O
Country of Publication Include if country of publication is not United States; defaults to United States RWD
Description/Abstract Defined as the abstract for STI Products. Provide if available (it can be excerpted from the technical report). Text should be publicly releasable information (not personal, financial, or sensitive). Text should be spell-checked, limited in length to 5000 characters, and follow input standards for special characters. O
Language (non-English) Include if language of the STI product is not English; defaults to English RWD
Location Provide the specific location of the electronic STI Product not transmitted to OSTI. O
STI Product is available electronically at: Values: Unique Uniform Resource Locator (URL), Digital Object Identifier (DOI).  
Media/Format Information Detailed information about the media and format of the STI product.  
Medium Identifies the medium of the product. One selection is required. Values: Electronic document, computer medium, audiovisual material, no full-text. R
Electronic Format Values: Searchable PDF, Non-Searchable PDF, MS-Word.  
Size of STI Product Provide if applicable. Specify unit of measure. Values: Images, kilobytes, minutes, page range, pages, other. O
Computer Medium or Audiovisual Provide if STI product is computer medium or audiovisual material. O
Sub-elements: Quantity/type - Machine Compatibility - Other Information Provide if applicable. O
Originating Research Organization(s) The financial assistance recipient or non-major site/facility management contractor conducting the research. R
Publication/Issue Date Identifies the publication or issue date. Allows for text date. R
Publisher Name and Location Include if different from originating research organization. The name and location of the organization/publisher that issued the document for dissemination. Expected if full-text is not provided O
Availability (Refer Requests To [if applicable)] Provide if applicable (e.g., if STI product is available only from originator or publisher, particularly if electronic document is not available). State source where document can be obtained upon request. O
Recipient/Contractor Point of Contact Contact other than author who will receive any external questions about the content of the STI Product. Will be included in published announcement record O
Related Document Information Information useful to include in published announcement record which is not suited for any other metadata field.  
Releasing Official DOE Office’s designated official(s) who ensure(s) that all appropriate intellectual property/dissemination limitation reviews of the STI full-text product are completed. R
Sponsoring Organization The DOE Office funding the work reported in the STI product. O
STI Product Reporting Period Indicates the period of time covered (beginning and ending dates) by the STI product. Standard format mm/dd/yyyy to be followed. O
STI Product Reporting Requirement Review Information about the STI product that is used to determine if reporting requirements are met and/or if the product is worthy of public dissemination.  
Completes all required deliverables for this award Include if the STI product is the last deliverable completing the requirement for STI deliverables for the respective award. O
No further dissemination Indicates that the STI product is not suitable for dissemination outside of DOE based on report type or content; however, it does fulfill a technical reporting requirement. O
STI Product Review/Release Information Distribution of the STI Product One value selection is required. Non-conflicting multiples are allowed.  Includes minimum sub-values (e.g., release date, exemption number, etc.).  R
Unrestricted Distribution Values: Unlimited Announcement  
Distribution Limitations –Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) Values: Copyrighted Material with Restrictions Official Use Only (select all that apply), Security Sensitive Information, Protected Data (provide release date), Patent Pending, Applied Technology, Program Directed OUO (provide exemption number).  
STI Product Type Identifies the type of STI product. One value selection is required. Values: Technical Report Conference Paper or Presentation/Proceedings Journal Article Other. R
Subject Categories Identifies the subject matter of the STI product. Multiples accepted; list primary category first. Subject categories for unclassified unlimited STI products are listed in Attachment 7 and for classified in Attachment 8. O
Keywords Sites may provide free-form text keywords, multiples accepted. O
Transmission Information    
STI Product is being transmitted: One selection is required for documents transmitted to OSTI. Values: Electronically via E-Link, via mail or shipment (mail or shipment is only acceptable for computer medium and audiovisual STI products or UCNI and Classified STI Products.) O
Information Product Filename Provide information product filename of the transmitted electronic STI product. Include the appropriate format extension. O
Last updated on Friday 29 April 2016