Guidance for DOE Programs

DOE Programs fund research and other scientific endeavors. For those activities where the STI is not submitted by National Labs, major sites, or through financial assistance awards, it should be submitted by the DOE Program.  DOE Programs have the option to provide metadata via the Announcement Notice 241.1 or Batch Upload on E-Link. The metadata-based announcement notice generated and supplied by DOE and contractors for unclassified STI products includes metadata elements that provide identification of and attribution for DOE's STI.  It also includes key identifiers; descriptive elements, review and release information, and medium, format, and location elements. Some elements are required, while others are optional.  Submitters must provide required information and are highly encouraged to include optional information wherever possible.

Steps Required to Provide STI to DOE:

  1. Apply for E-Link Access. Questions about E-Link should be directed to OSTI @ 865-576-4070.
  2. Identify STI product type and check the AN 241.1 instructions on E-Link to determine which business rules apply to your submission. If the product you are submitting is a journal article, be sure to check the requirements for including the author's accepted, peer-reviewed manuscript.
  3. Review full-text document for sensitivities and protected personally identifiable information (PII). 
  4. The STI Releasing Official should: 
    1. Prior to the submission of the announcement notice and full-text document through E-Link, verify that all necessary reviews have been completed.
    2. Verify that the STI product should be released by OSTI in accordance with the intellectual property/distribution limitation marked on the AN 241.1 and submit.


  1. Announcement Notice 241.1 on E-Link 
  2. AN 241.1 via Batch Upload
  3. AN 241.1 via Harvesting
  4. AN 241.1 Web Service
  5. Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  6. Laws and Policies
  7. DOE Order 241.1B
  8. STI-Related DOE Directives
  9. STI-Related Standards
  10. Submitting STI
  11. Subject Categories
Last updated on Friday 27 March 2020