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Uploading STI Products vs. Site Hosting of STI Products

For unclassified unlimited and controlled unclassified (except for UCNI) there are currently two options (described below) for sites to provide the actual electronic STI products resulting from DOE-funded activities to OSTI.

An important note, regardless of method used to provide the STI product to OSTI, the product cannot be encrypted or password protected.

Site Uploads the STI Product

Sites can upload their unclassified unlimited and controlled unclassified (except UCNI) STI products to OSTI via the following STI product submission/transmission methods:

  • AN 241.1 Web Version
  • Batch Upload
  • AN 241.3 Web Version

Refer to the by format section of this website for additional details related to acceptable formats per submission/transmission method.

Site Hosts the STI Product

Sites assign unique URLs for unclassified unlimited STI products they generate and host on their publicly accessible server. Maintaining the STI products on a publicly accessible server is necessary for a site to host STI products. In most cases it is the Major Site/Facility Management Contractors that utilize this option, however, it is possible that a DOE Program Office may also have a public server dedicated to hosting unclassified unlimited STI products and can utilize that option.

The unique URL directly linked to a full-text STI product should be provided via one of the several Announcement options for providing the metadata to OSTI.

Note: Per DOE O 241.1B, sites need to inform OSTI when STI products previously announced or submitted to OSTI are modified, if the server changes, or if permanently removing STI from the site's publicly accessible server to ensure appropriate availability and preservation by OSTI.

When sites choose to host their STI products, they must provide a unique URL for each STI product which provides a direct link to the product.

There are several announcement notice options that can be utilized by sites that host their STI products. They are:

Last updated on Tuesday 21 March 2017