Guidance for Financial Assistance Awardees/Recipients (e.g., university grantees)

Scientific and technical reports and other scientific and technical information (STI) products are provided to OSTI via Energy Link (E-Link). Note that DOE's Public Access Plan calls for submission of final, peer-reviewed accepted manuscripts.  Starting October 1, 2014, the Department began to include requirements for the submission of accepted manuscripts and publication metadata in award requirements.  Refer to FAQs to read more.

The steps below provide helpful information for performing STI submissions.  See also Submitting STI and Submitter Responsibilities.

  1. University Financial Assistance Recipients identify Final Scientific/Technical Report/Product reporting requirements listed under Scientific/Technical Reporting on the DOE F 4600.2, “Federal Assistance Reporting Checklist and Instructions" received as part of the Terms and Conditions of the contractual agreement.
  2. Final Scientific/Technical Reporting Requirements for Other Awardees can be found in contractual agreements.
  3. For awards made on or after October 1, 2014, submission to DOE of accepted manuscripts is being required (see DOE STIP Public Access FAQs).  Even if not specifically required under an award, the recipient/author may submit an accepted manuscript of a journal article for work published as a result of DOE funding for inclusion in DOE PAGES.
  4. If software is the final deliverable, submit it via the AN 241.4 or via DOE CODE.
  5. Final Scientific/Technical Reports/Products are to be provided electronically in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) and be one integrated PDF file that contains all text, tables, diagrams, photographs, schematic, graphs, and charts.  Ensure documents are not encrypted or password-protected.
  6. The final peer-reviewed accepted manuscript is to be electronically submitted by providing a unique identifier (e.g., URL) to the publicly accessible repository in which it resides OR by submitting the full-text article in PDF.  Submit the accepted manuscript using AN 241.3 or a new "Wizard" submission tool.
  7. Final Scientific/Technical Report/Products must be accompanied by a completed AN 241.3
    1. No password is required to access the AN 241.3.
    2. Set the browser to accept all cookies before starting the submission process.
    3. Be sure to input the contract number accurately.  If an invalid contract number error message appears, contact OSTI at 865-576-4070 or 865-576-1191 for assistance.
    4. Ensure all required data indicated in red and preceded by an asterisk is completed prior to uploading the scientific/technical report or product.
    5. After submitting the document, print a copy of the submission confirmation as a record copy.  Retain a record of the OSTI ID for the item submitted as it may be required during progress reporting or project close-out.
    6. A notification regarding the submission will be sent to your DOE contracting officer/contract specialist and DOE Releasing Official.
  8. Review Final Scientific/Technical Report/Product for sensitivities listed on AN 241.3 under “STI Product Review/Release Information” and for protected personally identifiable information (PII) prior to upload.
    1. Whether the distribution of the final report/product is to be unlimited (publicly releasable) or controlled, submit both the AN 241.3 and the final report/product. E-Link provides Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protection of the document submitted.
    2. Protected Personally Identifiable Information defined in the DOE F 4600.2 instructions should be excluded from the final report/product as well as the AN 241.3. Protected PII is also defined in E-Link.
  9. Prior to submission of AN 241.3 and final report/product via E-Link, ensure documents with controlled distribution are appropriately marked according to the DOE F 4600.2 instructions listed under Section B., Scientific/Technical Reporting or other guidance.  During submission, you must certify that this has been done.
  10. Refer to the DOE Contracting Officer or Award Administrator for additional instructions related to the submission.
  11. Non-scientific technical reports/deliverables and draft/informal reports should not be submitted via E-Link.

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Last updated on Monday 23 March 2020