Guidance for DOE Labs and Sites

The DOE laboratories represent a premiere federal research system and perform leading-edge research on national priorities in science, energy, and national security.  To ensure research results are incorporated into Departmental scientific and technical information (STI) products, OSTI provides several mechanisms for DOE laboratories and major sites/facilities to provide STI to OSTI for processing and output in OSTI's search products.

The majority of labs have established automated processes which streamline the announcement process.  In addition, DOE labs and sites may utilize the corporate E-Link system, developed and maintained by OSTI for the management of DOE STI.

To provide STI to OSTI, follow the procedures provided by your lab/site.  For more information, contact your STI Manager. In the event that an STI Manager is not listed for your site, contact OSTI at



  1. Announcement Notice 241.1 on E-Link
  2. AN 241.1 via Batch Upload
  3. AN 241.1 via Harvesting
  4. AN 241.1 Web Service
  5. Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  6. Laws and Policies
  7. National Labs
  8. DOE Order 241.1B
  9. STI-Related DOE Directives
  10. STI-Related Standards
  11. Submitting STI
  12. Subject Categories


Last updated on Monday 23 March 2020