2018 STIP Working Meeting

STIP and the DOE National Laboratory Library Coalition (NLLC) are combining efforts and the STIP / NLLC meetings will be held the week of April 16 – April 20 at Jefferson Lab in Newport News, VA.

Meeting information can be found at https://www.jlab.org/conferences/stip2018/index.html

STI-Related DOE Directives

Dissemination of scientific and technical information (STI) resulting from Department of Energy (DOE) research and development programs to promote scientific progress and public understanding has been a fundamental requirement since the founding of the Department and its predecessor agencies. A number of laws require the Department to make its information available, while others place some limits on the dissemination of scientific and technical information for which the unauthorized release would be detrimental to national interests. Departmental directives are DOE's primary means of establishing policies, requirements, responsibilities, and procedures for Departmental elements and contractors.  DOE O 241.1B is the primary DOE directive on STI management and provides the overall DOE objective, requirements, and responsibilities within which these STI mandates are to be met. The following directives are also relevant to the management of STI.

DOE O 200.1A, Information Technology Management, dated 12-23-08.
DOE O 206.1, Department of Energy Privacy Program, dated 1-16-09.
DOE O 412.1A, Work Authorization System, dated 4-21-05.
DOE O 413.2C, Laboratory Directed Research and Development, dated 10-22-15.
DOE O 452.7, Protection of Use Control Vulnerabilities and Designs, dated 5-14-10.
DOE O 452.8 Control of Nuclear Weapon Data, dated 07-21-11.
DOE O 457.1A, Nuclear Counterterrorisom, dated 8-26-13.
DOE O 471.1B, Identification and Protection of Unclassified Controlled Nuclear Information, dated 3-01-10.
DOE O 471.3, Identifying and Protecting Official Use Only Information, dated 4-9-03.
DOE M 471.3-1, Manual for Identifying and Protecting Official Use Only Information, dated 4-9-03.
DOE M 471.6, Information Security, data 6-20-2011.
DOE O 475.2B, Identifying Classified Information, dated 10-03-2014.
DOE O 481.1C, Admin Chg 2, Strategic Partnership Projects [Formerly Known as Work for Others (Non-Department of Energy Funded Work), dated 1-24-05.
DOE O 483.1A, DOE Cooperative Research and Development Agreements, dated 11-06-13.
DOE O 484.1, Reimbursable Work for the Department of Homeland Security, dated 8-17-06.

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Last updated on Tuesday 27 February 2018