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Digitizing Legacy STI

As electronic access to information becomes the norm, many sites are engaged in digitizing their legacy documents (those produced in print prior to 2001). Making these files available through the OSTI databases will help realize the full potential of the Department’s scientific and technical information.

OSTI will work together with sites across the DOE Complex to provide access to digitized full-text documents in announcement notices in the Energy Link (E-Link) system that do not contain digitized full-text documents.

Finding Digitized STI at OSTI

DOE and major DOE contractor sites with E-Link access can utilize the Full-text Change report accessible through the Reports section of E-Link. Sites can search by date range for all full-text items that have been digitized or changed during a particular date range, by individual item by entering the OSTI ID, or by source type. The source type allows the individual to determine what was digitized via Batch Upload, Harvesting, or through another process. The combination of date range and source type is also an allowable search option.

Process to Determine STI to be Digitized

Upon request, OSTI will provide (in Excel Spreadsheet format) 1) a listing of site-specific announcement notices in E-Link that do not contain digitized full-text documents; or 2) a complete listing of all site-specific announcements notices, those with and without non-digitized full-text documents.

Spreadsheets will include the following fields:


Review for Sensitivity

Some older documents may require a re-review for sensitivity prior to submitting full text to OSTI.

Providing Access to Digitized Full-text Documents

Access to digitized full-text documents can be achieved via site hosting or site uploading.

Site Hosting

If a site chooses to host their digitized full-text documents on their site’s publicly accessible server (Uploading STI Products vs. Site Hosting of STI Products), the site can either provide the OSTI ID and the SITE URL for each digitized full-text document on the OSTI-provided spreadsheet, in which case OSTI will revise the announcement notice in E-Link, or the site can revise the announcement notice by providing the unique URL of the publicly available digitized full-text document.

Site Uploading

A site may choose to upload their digitized full-text documents directly to the announcement notice in E-Link (Uploading STI Products vs. Site Hosting of STI Products) by attaching a pdf of the digitized full-text document. This option is required for items that are controlled unclassified.

Last updated on Tuesday 21 March 2017