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Classified STI Products

NOTE:  DOE Order 475.2B, Identifying Classified Information, requires organizations to submit bibliographic information and, if available, an electronic version of the document to OSTI (if not electronically available, the availability information) for every document that is declassified and determined to be publicly releasable for inclusion in the Department’s OpenNet system.

The Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended, and Executive Order 13526 serve as the basis for identifying classified information generated by the Department.  Classified information is defined as certain information that the United States Government has determined requires protection against unauthorized disclosure for reasons of national security (i.e., Restricted Data, Formerly Restricted Data, and National Security Information). 

Caveats and special control markings are placed on documents to identify special handling or dissemination requirements, or to assist in describing the type of information involved.  (refer to CMPC Marking Resource, Examples of Acceptably Marked Classified or Controlled Matter for examples of acceptably marked classified and Unclassified Controlled Nuclear Information matter.
Some examples of types of special markings (caveats) for classified documents are:
                Dissemination and Reproduction Notices
                Foreign Government Information
                Naval Nuclear Propulsion Information
                Nuclear Weapon Data
Classified STI products transmitted to OSTI are to be properly marked with the appropriate announcement and/or access limitations on the accompanying announcement notice, AN 241.5, Restricted Announcement of U.S. Department of Energy Classified and UCNI Scientific and Technical Information and 241.5 Instructions.
STI documents that have been declassified (in accordance with requirements prescribed in DOE Order 475.2B, Identifying Classified Information) may not automatically be released to the public. Information contained in the declassified document may still be exempt from public release based on one or more of the Freedom of Information Act exemptions. Classified information products that have been declassified should also be reviewed by the originating site for controlled unclassified information.
To allow access to the widest audience possible, OSTI would like to receive a classification change notice whenever a classified STI product, held by OSTI, is declassified by the originating site or higher authority.  It is requested that notices of declassification be accompanied by instructions/authority to publicly release or to further control access to the STI product, including the basis for further control.  If OSTI has never received the original classified STI product, a copy of the declassified document is requested, along with the authorization for public release or control.



Last updated on Tuesday 01 May 2018