Announcement Notice (AN) 241.6 - Data

The Announcement Notice (AN) defines a set of metadata, including both required and optional, for use in describing Department of Energy's (DOE) Scientific and Technical Information (STI) products for announcement and availability.  An AN includes review and release information, enabling announcement and searchable online access as appropriate.  OSTI provides six different ANs for use by specified groups of submitters or in specified situations. 

The AN 241.6 provides to Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) the metadata needed to identify/announce datasets resulting from work funded by or performed in DOE facilities. The submitted information also allows OSTI, via the DOE Data ID Service, to assign Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) to datasets and register them with DataCite. This value-added step facilitates visibility, helps ensure long-term preservation, and supports better linkage between DOE’s published research results and the underlying data.



  1. AN 241.6 Reference Copy and Instructions
  2. AN 241.6 Instructions for Financial Assistance Recipients (Grantees)
  3. Information about the DOE Data ID Service
  4. Documentation for the AN 241.6 Web Service/API


Last updated on Monday 20 June 2016