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Announcement Notice (AN) 241.3 - Notice for Financial Assistance Recipients and Non-Major Site/Facility Management Contractors

The Announcement Notice (AN) defines a set of metadata, including both required and optional, for use in describing Department of Energy's (DOE) Scientific and Technical Information (STI) products for announcement and availability.  An AN includes review and release information, enabling announcement and searchable online access as appropriate.  OSTI provides six different ANs for use by specified groups of submitters or in specified situations. 

The AN 241.3 is required for submission of scientific and technical information (STI) to OSTI in order to ensure proper handling, announcement, and dissemination in accordance with DOE statutory responsibilities. There are basic requirements for metadata fields; however, other optional/non-mandatory data fields should be included in the AN when possible.  The information included in the 241.3 provides information required to appropriately identify, process, and/or announce and disseminate the results of work funded by DOE.  It's utilized by DOE Financial Assistance Recipients/Non-Major Contractors and submitted with each STI report or product.  An AN 241.3 should be submitted using Elink. 


  1. Metadata Provided to OSTI via AN 241.3 Elink
  2. AN 241.3 Reference Copy
  3. AN 241.3 Instructions
Last updated on Monday 23 April 2018