2018 STIP Working Meeting

STIP and the DOE National Laboratory Library Coalition (NLLC) are combining efforts and the STIP / NLLC meetings will be held the week of April 16 – April 20 at Jefferson Lab in Newport News, VA.

Meeting information can be found at https://www.jlab.org/conferences/stip2018/index.html

Announcement Notice (AN) 241.1

The Announcement Notice (AN) defines a set of metadata, including both required and optional, for use in describing Department of Energy's (DOE) Scientific and Technical Information (STI) products for announcement and availability.  An AN includes review and release information, enabling announcement and searchable online access as appropriate.  OSTI provides six different ANs for use by specified groups of submitters or in specified situations. 

The AN 241.1 is required for providing most of DOE's scientific and technical information (STI) to OSTI. It announces non-classified STI products with the exception of datasets or software and is utilized by DOE, DOE Major Site/Facility Management Contractors, multi-program laboratories, single program laboratories, and other DOE facilities.  The information provided by the AN 241.1 ensures proper handling, announcement, and dissemination in accordance with DOE statutory responsibilities. There are basic requirements for metadata fields; however, other optional/non-mandatory data fields should be included in the AN when possible. AN 241.1 in E-Link allows manual entry of metadata to create a single record at a time. Batch Upload, also available in E-Link, supports the submittal of multiple records in an XML file. DOE laboratories have two additional options for submitting AN 241.1 information electronically to OSTI; see automated protocols. You should also follow additional procedures for STI submission provided by your site.  To find the STIP point-of-contact for your site, see contacts In the event that the STIP POC is not listed for your site, contact OSTI at stip@osti.gov.



  1. AN 241.1 Reference Copy
  2. AN 241.1 Instructions 
  3. AN 241.1 Automated Protocols
  4. AN 241.1 Web Service
  5. Metadata Provided to OSTI via 241.1 Elink
  6. Recommended Characteristics of STI Technical Reports
  7. Submitter Responsibilities
  8. DOE Order 241.1B, Scientific and Technical Information Management


Last updated on Tuesday 27 February 2018