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  1. This .csv files contain the raw water pressure data from three observation wells during pumping tests performed in the Spring of 2016. Included is a "read me" file explaining the details of where and how the data were collected.
  2. These files contain the output of a model calculation to simulate the pressure and temperature of fluid at Brady Hot Springs, Nevada, USA. The calculation couples the hydrologic flow (Darcy's Law) with simple thermodynamics. The epoch of validity is 24 March 2015. Coordinates are UTM Easting, Northing, and Elevation in meters. Temperature is specified in degrees Celsius. Pressure is specified in Pascal.
  3. *This submission provides corrections to GDR Submissions 844 and 845* Poroelastic Tomography (PoroTomo) by Adjoint Inverse Modeling of Data from Hydrology. The 3 *csv files containing pressure data are the corrected versions of the pressure dataset found in Submission 844. The dataset has been corrected in the sense that the atmospheric pressure has been subtracted from the total pressure measured in the well. Also, the transducers used at wells 56A-1 and SP-2 are sensitive to surface temperature fluctuations. These temperature effects have been removed from the corrected datasets. The 4th *csv file contains corrected version of the pumping data foundmore » in Submission 845. The data has been corrected in the sense that the data from several wells that were used during the PoroTomo deployment pumping tests that were not included in the original dataset has been added. In addition, several other minor changes have been made to the pumping records due to flow rate instrument calibration issues that were discovered.« less
  4. List of Sentinel-1A InSAR images acquired between 2014-11-01 and 2016-10-31, and archived at the link below. NOTE: The user must create an account in order to access the data
  5. Map of DAS, nodal, vibroseis and Reftek stations during March 2016 deployment. The plot on the left has nodal stations labeled; the plot on the right has vibroseis observations labeled. Stations are shown in map-view using Brady's rotated X-Y coordinates with side plots denoting elevation with respect to the WGS84 ellipsoid. Blue circles denote vibroseis data, x symbols denote DAS (cyan for horizontal and magenta for vertical), black asterisks denote Reftek data, and red plus signs denote nodal data. This map can be found on UW-Madison's askja server at /PoroTomo/DATA/MAPS/Deployment_Stations.pdf
  6. The submitted data correspond to the vibration caused by a 3.4 M earthquake and captured by the DAS horizontal and vertical arrays during the PoroTomo Experiment. Earthquake information : M 4.3 - 23km ESE of Hawthorne, Nevada Time: 2016-03-21 07:37:10 (UTC) Location: 38.479 N 118.366 W Depth: 9.9 km
  7. This data is in sac format and includes recordings of two active source events from 238 three-component nodal seismometers deployed at Bradys Hot Springs geothermal field as part of the PoroTomo project. The source was a viberoseis truck operating in P-wave vibrational mode and generating a swept-frequency signal. The files are 33 seconds long starting 4 seconds before each sweep was initiated. There is some overlap in the file times.
  8. Metadata for the Reftek seismometer array deployed at the POROTOMO's Natural Laboratory in Brady Hot Spring, Nevada during the March 2016 testing.
  9. List of triggered events recorded on LBNL's permanent EGS seismic array at Brady's geothermal field. This submission also includes links to the NCEDC EGS Earthquake Catalog Search page and to the metadata for the seismic array installed at Brady's Geothermal Field.
  10. Metadata for the nodal seismometer array deployed at the POROTOMO's Natural Laboratory in Brady Hot Spring, Nevada during the March 2016 testing. Metadata includes location and timing for each instrument as well as file lists of data to be uploaded in a separate submission.

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