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  1. Sub-ns Response GaAs X-Ray Detectors for Pulsed Power Applications.

    Abstract not provided.
  2. Optical Measurement of SiN Ring Resonators.

    Abstract not provided.
  3. Optical Characterization of SiN Optomechanical Sagnac Gyroscopes.

    Abstract not provided.
  4. Compact epsilon-near-zero silicon photonic phase modulators

    In this study, we analyze a compact silicon photonic phase modulator at 1.55 μm using epsilon-near-zero transparent conducting oxide (TCO) films. The operating principle of the non-resonant phase modulator is field-effect carrier density modulation in a thin TCO film deposited on top of a passive silicon waveguide with a CMOS-compatible fabrication process. We compare phase modulator performance using both indium oxide (In2O3) and cadmium oxide (CdO) TCO materials. Our findings show that practical phase modulation can be achieved only when using high-mobility (i.e. low-loss) epsilon-near-zero materials such as CdO. The CdO-based phase modulator has a figure of merit of 17.1°/dBmore » in a compact 5 μm length. This figure of merit can be increased further through the proper selection of high-mobility TCOs, opening a path for device miniaturization and increased phase shifts.« less
  5. In situ calibration of a light source in a sensor device

    A sensor device is described herein, wherein the sensor device includes an optical measurement system, such as an interferometer. The sensor device further includes a low-power light source that is configured to emit an optical signal having a constant wavelength, wherein accuracy of a measurement output by the sensor device is dependent upon the optical signal having the constant wavelength. At least a portion of the optical signal is directed to a vapor cell, the vapor cell including an atomic species that absorbs light having the constant wavelength. A photodetector captures light that exits the vapor cell, and generates anmore » electrical signal that is indicative of intensity of the light that exits the vapor cell. A control circuit controls operation of the light source based upon the electrical signal, such that the light source emits the optical signal with the constant wavelength.« less
  6. Gigahertz speed operation of epsilon-near-zero silicon photonic modulators

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  7. High-Speed Operation of a Compact ENZ Electroabsorption Modulator Based on Transparent Conducting Oxides.

    Abstract not provided.
  8. Optomechanical Spring Effect Readout in Resonant Micro-Optical Sagnac Gyroscopes: Design and Scaling Analysis.

    Abstract not provided.

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