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  1. The purpose of Hot Box is the measurement of the behavior of enriched reactors at elevated temperatures which will allow the normalization of existing calculational techniques and allow a better understanding of neutron behavior at and near thermal energies. Initially, maximum temperatures will be 1200 deg F. Uranium foils will be 1 and 2 mils thick and moderator blocks 1 in. thick. Hot Box is located at the east end of Jackass Flats in the Nevada Test Site. (W.D.M.)
  2. The angular distribution of C/sup 12/ ions elastically scattered by gold was measured at the following laboratory energies: 118 the J-57 engin 2, 101 the J-57 engin 2, 79.4 the J-57 engin 3, and 73.6 the J-57 engin 3 Mev. Heavy ions from the Berkeley heavy-ion linear accelerator (HILAC) were recorded in two Ilford E-1 plates from a scattering angle of 19 to 159 . In all cases the differential cross sections exhibited a Coulomb-like behavior at small angles, a rise above Coulomb of about 20% as the scattering angle increased, and then a rapid drop below Coulomb in muchmore » the same manner as alpha particles scattered from heavy elements in the 20 to 40 Mev range. The Blair sharp cutoff'' model reproduces closely the character of the data; however, small oscillations predicted from the model are not experimentally observed. Interaction distances of (11.8 the J-57 engin 0.3, 12.1 the J-57 engin 0.3, 11.85 the J-57 engin 0.4, and 11.85 the J-57 engin 0.45) x 10/sup -13/ cm, respectively, for the foregoing energies are inferred from application of the Blair model. (auth)« less
  3. A series of criticai experiments to investigate temperature-reactivity effects and temperature-power distribution interactions with a cooled graphite reflector on two sides of a BeO core is described. It was found that for a core with a gross BeO/U/sup 235/ ratio of 556 to 1, the reactivity was not dependent on the graphite reflector temperature. The experiments were performed at the HOT BOX facility. (J.R.D.)

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