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  1. InP Tunable Ring Resonator Filters.

    Abstract not provided.
  2. Enhanced Frequency Response in Monolithically Integrated Coupled Cavity Lasers and Electro-absorption Modulator (Presentation).

    Abstract not provided.
  3. Cascaded Double Ring Resonator Filter with Integrated SOAs (Presentation).

    Abstract not provided.
  4. Optical Logic Gates Using Interconnected Photodiodes and Electro-Absorption Modulators.

    Abstract not provided.
  5. Optical AND and NOT gates at 40 Gbps using electro-absorption modulator/photodiode pairs.

    We demonstrate an optical gate architecture using electro-absorption modulator/photodiode pairs to perform AND and NOT functions. Optical bandwidth for both gates reach 40 GHz. Also shown are AND gate waveforms at 40 Gbps.
  6. High-Speed Reflective S-SEEDs for Photonic Logic Circuits.

    Abstract not provided.
  7. High-Speed Switching of a 1.55-um Symmetric SEED.

    Abstract not provided.
  8. Frequency response enhancement in integrated coupled-cavity DBR lasers.

    We present a photonic integrated circuit (PIC) composed of two strongly coupled lasers. This PIC utilizes the dynamics of mutual injection locking to increase the relaxation resonance frequency from 3 GHz to beyond 30 GHz.
  9. Enhanced frequency response in monolithically integrated coupled cavity lasers and electro-absorption modulator.

    We present the bandwidth enhancement of an EAM monolithically integrated with two mutually injection-locked lasers. An improvement in the modulation efficiency and bandwidth are shown with mutual injection locking.
  10. Frequency response enhancement in integrated coupled-cavity DBR lasers.

    No abstract prepared.

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