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  1. The present invention related to self-limiting filters, arrays of such filters, and methods thereof. In particular embodiments, the filters include a metal transition film (e.g., a VO.sub.2 film) capable of undergoing a phase transition that modifies the film's resistivity. Arrays of such filters could allow for band-selective interferer rejection, while permitting transmission of non-interferer signals.
  2. An exemplary embodiment of the present invention is a photodetector comprising a semiconductor body, a periodically patterned metal nanoantenna disposed on a surface of the semiconductor body, and at least one electrode separate from the nanoantenna. The semiconductor body comprises an active layer in sufficient proximity to the nanoantenna for plasmonic coupling thereto. The nanoantenna is dimensioned to absorb electromagnetic radiation in at least some wavelengths not more than 12 .mu.m that are effective for plasmonic coupling into the active layer. The electrode is part of an electrode arrangement for obtaining a photovoltage or photocurrent in operation under appropriate stimulation.
  3. Abstract not provided.
  4. Abstract not provided.
  5. Abstract not provided.
  6. Abstract not provided.
  7. Abstract not provided.
  8. Abstract not provided.
  9. Abstract not provided.
  10. Abstract not provided.

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