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  1. Beamforming as a foundation for spotlight-mode SAR image formation by backprojection.

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  2. Automated wide-angle SAR stereo height extraction in rugged terrain using shift-scaling correlation.

    Coherent stereo pairs from cross-track synthetic aperture radar (SAR) collects allow fully automated correlation matching using magnitude and phase data. Yet, automated feature matching (correspondence) becomes more difficult when imaging rugged terrain utilizing large stereo crossing angle geometries because high-relief features can undergo significant spatial distortions. These distortions sometimes cause traditional, shift-only correlation matching to fail. This paper presents a possible solution addressing this difficulty. Changing the complex correlation maximization search from shift-only to shift-and-scaling using the downhill simplex method results in higher correlation. This is shown on eight coherent spotlight-mode cross-track stereo pairs with stereo crossing angles averaging 93.7{supmore » o} collected over terrain with slopes greater than 20{sup o}. The resulting digital elevation maps (DEMs) are compared to ground truth. Using the shift-scaling correlation approach to calculate disparity, height errors decrease and the number of reliable DEM posts increase.« less
  3. Terrain elevation mapping results from airborne spotlight-mode coherent cross-track SAR stereo.

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