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  1. Characterization of a Track-and-Hold Amplifier for Application to a High Performance SAR

    A Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) which employs direct IF sampling can significantly reduce the complexity of the analog electronics prior to the analog-to-digital converter (ADC). For relatively high frequency IF bands, a wide-bandwidth track-and-hold amplifier (THA) is required prior to the ADC. The THA functions primarily as a means of converting, through bandpass sampling, the IF signal to a baseband signal which can be sampled by the ADC. For a wide-band, high dynamic-range receiver system, such as a SAR receiver, stringent performance requirements are placed on the THA. We first measure the THA parameters such as gain, gain compression, third-ordermore » intercept (TOI), signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), spurious-free dynamic-range (SFDR), noise figure (NF), and phase noise. The results are then analyzed in terms of their respective impact on the overall performance of the SAR. The specific THA under consideration is the Rockwell Scientific RTH010.« less
  2. Digital Intermediate Frequency Receiver Module For Use In Airborne Sar Applications

    A digital IF receiver (DRX) module directly compatible with advanced radar systems such as synthetic aperture radar (SAR) systems. The DRX can combine a 1 G-Sample/sec 8-bit ADC with high-speed digital signal processor, such as high gate-count FPGA technology or ASICs to realize a wideband IF receiver. DSP operations implemented in the DRX can include quadrature demodulation and multi-rate, variable-bandwidth IF filtering. Pulse-to-pulse (Doppler domain) filtering can also be implemented in the form of a presummer (accumulator) and an azimuth prefilter. An out of band noise source can be employed to provide a dither signal to the ADC, and latermore » be removed by digital signal processing. Both the range and Doppler domain filtering operations can be implemented using a unique pane architecture which allows on-the-fly selection of the filter decimation factor, and hence, the filter bandwidth. The DRX module can include a standard VME-64 interface for control, status, and programming. An interface can provide phase history data to the real-time image formation processors. A third front-panel data port (FPDP) interface can send wide bandwidth, raw phase histories to a real-time phase history recorder for ground processing.« less
  3. Waveform Synthesizer For Imaging And Ranging Applications

    Frequency dependent corrections are provided for Local Oscillator (LO) feed-through. An operational procedure filters LO feed-through effects without prior calibration or equalization. Waveform generation can be adjusted/corrected in a synthetic aperture radar system (SAR), where a rolling phase shift is applied to the SAR's QDWS signal where it is demodulated in a receiver, unwanted energies, such as LO feed-through energy, are separated from a desired signal in Doppler; the separated energy is filtered from the receiver leaving the desired signal; and the separated energy in the receiver is measured to determine the degree of imbalance that is represented by it.more » Calibration methods can also be implemented into synthesis. The degree of LO feed-through can be used to determine calibration values that can then be provided as compensation for frequency dependent errors in components, such as the QDWS and SSB mixer, affecting quadrature signal quality.« less

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