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  1. Four-color imaging pyrometer for mapping temperatures of laser-based metal processes.

    Abstract not provided.
  2. Four-color imaging pyrometer for mapping temperatures of laser-based metal processes.

    Abstract not provided.
  3. Microstructure Variation and Process Model Development for LENS.

    Abstract not provided.
  4. Optomechanical Spring Effect Readout in Resonant Micro-Optical Sagnac Gyroscopes: Design and Scaling Analysis.

    Abstract not provided.
  5. PD UITI poster.

    Abstract not provided.
  6. Characterization of the Fe-Co-1.5V soft ferromagnetic alloy processed by Laser Engineered Net Shaping (LENS)

    Processing of the low workability Fe-Co-1.5V (Hiperco® equivalent) alloy is demonstrated using the Laser Engineered Net Shaping (LENS) metals additive manufacturing technique. As an innovative and highly localized solidification process, LENS is shown to overcome workability issues that arise during conventional thermomechanical processing, enabling the production of bulk, near net-shape forms of the Fe-Co alloy. Bulk LENS structures appeared to be ductile with no significant macroscopic defects. Atomic ordering was evaluated and significantly reduced in as-built LENS specimens relative to an annealed condition, tailorable through selection of processing parameters. Fine equiaxed grain structures were observed in as-built specimens following solidification,more » which then evolved toward a highly heterogeneous bimodal grain structure after annealing. The microstructure evolution in Fe-Co is discussed in the context of classical solidification theory and selective grain boundary pinning processes. In conclusion, magnetic properties were also assessed and shown to fall within the extremes of conventionally processed Hiperco® alloys.« less
  7. Measurement of Laser Weld Temperatures for 3D Model Input

    Laser welding is a key joining process used extensively in the manufacture and assembly of critical components for several weapons systems. Sandia National Laboratories advances the understanding of the laser welding process through coupled experimentation and modeling. This report summarizes the experimental portion of the research program, which focused on measuring temperatures and thermal history of laser welds on steel plates. To increase confidence in measurement accuracy, researchers utilized multiple complementary techniques to acquire temperatures during laser welding. This data serves as input to and validation of 3D laser welding models aimed at predicting microstructure and the formation of defectsmore » and their impact on weld-joint reliability, a crucial step in rapid prototyping of weapons components.« less
  8. Building Design and Optimization Tools for Additive and Near-net Shape Processes.

    Abstract not provided.
  9. Design example : torsional micromirror.

    No abstract prepared.

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