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  1. Equipment for Tory II-A fuel element fabrication

    Declassified 27 Nov 1973. A description is given of the equipment for fabrication of beryllia ceramic fuel elements that are designed for a Tory II-A reactor experiment. The fabrication process has been physically subdivided into five principal areas: powder preparation, hot pressing, machining, aimealing, and control areas. Powder preparation comprises weighing, mixing, drying, calcining, screening, and batching. Hot press operations include die loading, hot pressing, cooling, unloading, and cleaning. Machine operations required are surface grinding, coring, and edge grinding. The annealing of fuel plates to reduce pressed-in strains and to enhance their fuel retention characteristics is carried out in amore » hydrogen atmosphere furnace. Principal equipment items used for control of dimensions and composition are as follows: specific gravity balance, Zyglo test kit, optical comparator, transpiration furnace, x-ray spectrometer, and spectrographic laboratory. (auth)« less

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