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Search Tip: How to Find the Right Author

Updates and Tips

Author Select

SciTech Connect offers an Author Select (or author thesaurus) tool to help you search on all variations of an author name.  Using the Advanced Search option, select the icon to the right of the Creator/Author field, then type in a name, or the first few letters of a name, in one or both of the appropriate search boxes and select the search button.  A minimum of two characters is required in the Last Name field, but the First Name field can be left blank.

Entering ‘Andrews’ in Last Name and ‘V’ in First Name will retrieve a list of all choices for V Andrews.  You have the ability to include any or all of these in your search by using the ‘Add’ button to the right of each name variant.  After your selections have been added, you can enter information into any other Advanced Search field and then select ‘Find’ to get your results.

This Author Select feature is also available in DOE PAGESBeta, DOE Data Explorer, ScienceCinema, and DOepatents.