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  1. Many studies exist that examine ethical beliefs and attitudes of university students ascending medium or large institutions. There are also many studies which examine ethical attitudes and beliefs of computer science and computer information systems majors. None, however, examines ethical attitudes of university students (regardless of undergraduate major) at a small, Christian, liberal arts institution regarding computer-related situations. This paper will present data accumulated by an on-going study in which students are presented seven scenarios--all of which involve some aspect of computing technology. These students were randomly selected from a small, Christian, liberal-arts university.
  2. The ''Transportation Energy Data Book: Edition 8'' is a statistical compendium. Designed for use as a desk-top reference, the data book represents an assembly and display of statistics and information that characterize transportation activity, and presents data on other factors that influence transportation energy use. The purpose of this document is to present relevant statistical data in the form of tables and graphs. Each of the major transportation modes - highway, air, water, rail, pipeline - is treated in separate chapters or sections, although aggregate energy use and energy supply data for all modes are presented in Chapter 1. Themore » highway mode, which accounts for over three-fourths of total transportation energy consumption, is dealt with in Chapter 2. Topics in this chapter include vehicle stock characteristics, fuel efficiency, fleet automobiles, buses, and trucks. Chapter 3 covers each of the nonhighway modes: air, water, pipeline, and rail, respectively.« less
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