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  1. Regional variation among selected factors affecting energy use in highway transportation is described and analyzed. Highway vehicle use accounts for about 95% of all motor gasoline used and a substantial portion of the diesel fuel consumed in the US. For the purposes of analysis, highway energy use can be divided into three sectoral users: household, commercial, and government. Chapter 1, Nonhighway Use of Gasoline, covers agriculture, marine, aviation, industrial and commercial, construction, snowmobiles, and motorcycles. Chapter 2, Topics in Commercial Highway Energy Use, includes the following: Commercial Use of Gasoline in Highway Transportation, Automotive Fleets and Electric Vehicle Applicability; Localmore » and Short-Haul Commercial Trucking; Intercity Trucking; and Intracity Bus Service. Chapter 3, Selected Characteristics of Highway Energy Use by the Household Sector, includes sections entitled: Regional Gasoline Use; Ownership of New and Used Vehicles; Fuel Efficiencies and Market Shares of New Vehicle Registrations; Regional Trends in Import Passenger Car Sales and in Light Truck and Van Sales; Regional Variations in Recreational Vehicle Shipments and in Gasoline Consumption, 1977; Regional Patterns of Motorcycle and Moped Use; and An Analysis of the Differences in Carpooling Across Metropolitan Areas.« less
  2. In 1986 ARCO determined that for both technical and economic reasons their Block 31, Crane, Texas EOR Program of compressing and injecting CO/sub 2/ scrubbed boiler flue gas should be replaced with a nitrogen injection system. ARCO decided that the most effective means to achieve their objective was to pool their experience with that of a general contractor with specific experience related to air separation plant design. This made it practical to pre-order the gas turbine and prepare the plant layout, including piping tie-ins concurrently with the bid preparation for the cold boxes and compressors. Once the vendors for themore » cold box and compressor were selected, there were opportunities to enhance the specific design criteria of selected items in order to maximize operating flexibility of the facility.« less
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