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  4. AlGaN-channel high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) are among a class of ultra wide-bandgap transistors that are promising candidates for RF and power applications. Long-channel Al xGa 1-xN HEMTs with x = 0.7 in the channel have been built and evaluated across the -50°C to +200°C temperature range. These devices achieved room temperature drain current as high as 46 mA/mm and were absent of gate leakage until the gate diode forward bias turn-on at ~2.8 V, with a modest -2.2 V threshold voltage. A very large I on/I off current ratio, of 8 × 10 9 was demonstrated. A near idealmore » subthreshold slope that is just 35% higher than the theoretical limit across the temperature range was characterized. The ohmic contact characteristics were rectifying from -50°C to +50°C and became nearly linear at temperatures above 100°C. An activation energy of 0.55 eV dictates the temperature dependence of off-state leakage.« less
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  6. An AlN barrier high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) based on the AlN/Al{sub 0.85}Ga{sub 0.15}N heterostructure was grown, fabricated, and electrically characterized, thereby extending the range of Al composition and bandgap for AlGaN channel HEMTs. An etch and regrowth procedure was implemented for source and drain contact formation. A breakdown voltage of 810 V was achieved without a gate insulator or field plate. Excellent gate leakage characteristics enabled a high I{sub on}/I{sub off} current ratio greater than 10{sup 7} and an excellent subthreshold slope of 75 mV/decade. A large Schottky barrier height of 1.74 eV contributed to these results. The room temperature voltage-dependent 3-terminalmore » off-state drain current was adequately modeled with Frenkel-Poole emission.« less
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