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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SciTech Connect?

Will SciTech Connect replace DOE Information Bridge and Energy Citations Database?

What is the content scope of SciTech Connect?

What can be found in each of the SciTech Connect categories: everything, electronic full-text, etc.?

What subject areas are covered in SciTech Connect?

How should I search ... Semantic or Term Search?

Can I download information from SciTech Connect?

... but I'd like to download a bulk number of records?

How do I register for a SciTech Connect account? What are the benefits of being a registered user?

Does SciTech Connect offer an Alerts service?

Can I change how my search results are displayed? What is the difference between the 'Basic results view' and the 'Detailed results view'?

Yes. At any time, you can change how your results are displayed by selecting the "Switch to ..." link at the top right of your results screen. The Basic view will display the title, author, publication date, and description in a list format. The Detailed view will display fields of your choosing in a more compact, tabular format. The Detailed view allows for extensive customization of the results display.

If you have created a SciTech Account, then your results display will default to the selected view in your account settings. You can change your default view by logging in to your account and selecting the basic or detailed view.

Can I get a full-text copy of one of the citations I've found in SciTech Connect?

I see software was added to SciTech Connect...

SciTech and ORCID Integration...

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