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Title: Marine and Hydrokinetic Renewable Energy Devices, Potential Navigational Hazards and Mitigation Measures

On April 15, 2008, the Department of Energy (DOE) issued a Funding Opportunity Announcement for Advanced Water Power Projects which included a Topic Area for Marine and Hydrokinetic Renewable Energy Market Acceleration Projects. Within this Topic Area, DOE identified potential navigational impacts of marine and hydrokinetic renewable energy technologies and measures to prevent adverse impacts on navigation as a sub-topic area. DOE defines marine and hydrokinetic technologies as those capable of utilizing one or more of the following resource categories for energy generation: ocean waves; tides or ocean currents; free flowing water in rivers or streams; and energy generation from the differentials in ocean temperature. PCCI was awarded Cooperative Agreement DE-FC36-08GO18177 from the DOE to identify the potential navigational impacts and mitigation measures for marine hydrokinetic technologies. A technical report addressing our findings is available on this Science and Technology Information site under the Product Title, "Marine and Hydrokinetic Renewable Energy Technologies: Potential Navigational Impacts and Mitigation Measures". This product is a brochure, primarily for project developers, that summarizes important issues in that more comprehensive report, identifies locations where that report can be downloaded, and identifies points of contact for more information.
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TRN: US201016%%1943
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PCCI, Inc., Alexandria, VA
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USDOE Office of Wind and Hydropower Technology Program (EE-2B)
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United States
16 TIDAL AND WAVE POWER; ACCELERATION; MARKET; MITIGATION; NAVIGATION; RIVERS; WATER; WATER CURRENTS; MHK Navigation Hazard; Marine Hydrokinetic; Renewable Energy; Coast Guard; USCG; NVIC 02-07; Mitigation Measures; Wave Energy; Tidal Energy; Tidal Current; OTEC