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Title: Metallic coatings on silicon substrates, and methods of forming metallic coatings on silicon substrates

The invention includes methods of forming a metallic coating on a substrate which contains silicon. A metallic glass layer is formed over a silicon surface of the substrate. The invention includes methods of protecting a silicon substrate. The substrate is provided within a deposition chamber along with a deposition target. Material from the deposition target is deposited over at least a portion of the silicon substrate to form a protective layer or structure which contains metallic glass. The metallic glass comprises iron and one or more of B, Si, P and C. The invention includes structures which have a substrate containing silicon and a metallic layer over the substrate. The metallic layer contains less than or equal to about 2 weight % carbon and has a hardness of at least 9.2 GPa. The metallic layer can have an amorphous microstructure or can be devitrified to have a nanocrystalline microstructure.
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  1. Idaho Falls, ID
  2. Los Alamos, NM
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US patent application 10/918,287
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Bechtel BWXT Idaho, LLC (Idaho Falls, ID)
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United States Department of Energy
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United States