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Title: Test Program for High Efficiency Gas Turbine Exhaust Diffuser

This research relates to improving the efficiency of flow in a turbine exhaust, and thus, that of the turbine and power plant. The Phase I SBIR project demonstrated the technical viability of “strutlets” to control stalls on a model diffuser strut. Strutlets are a novel flow-improving vane concept intended to improve the efficiency of flow in turbine exhausts. Strutlets can help reduce turbine back pressure, and incrementally improve turbine efficiency, increase power, and reduce greenhouse gas emmission. The long-term goal is a 0.5 percent improvement of each item, averaged over the US gas turbine fleet. The strutlets were tested in a physical scale model of a gas turbine exhaust diffuser. The test flow passage is a straight, annular diffuser with three sets of struts. At the end of Phase 1, the ability of strutlets to keep flow attached to struts was demonstrated, but the strutlet drag was too high for a net efficiency advantage. An independently sponsored followup project did develop a highly-modified low-drag strutlet. In combination with other flow improving vanes, complicance to the stated goals was demonstrated for for simple cycle power plants, and to most of the goals for combined cycle power plants using this particular exhaustmore » geometry. Importantly, low frequency diffuser noise was reduced by 5 dB or more, compared to the baseline. Appolicability to other diffuser geometries is yet to be demonstrated.« less
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DOE/ER/84680- Final Report
TRN: US201109%%685
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Technical Report
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Consultants in Engineering Acoustics, Orinda,California
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USDOE Office of Hydrogen, Fuel Cells, and Infrastructure Technologies Program (EE-2H)
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United States
20 FOSSIL-FUELED POWER PLANTS; 25 ENERGY STORAGE; 15 GEOTHERMAL ENERGY; COMBINED-CYCLE POWER PLANTS; DIFFUSERS; EFFICIENCY; GAS TURBINES; GEOMETRY; GREENHOUSE GASES; POWER PLANTS; SCALE MODELS; TURBINES; VANES; VIABILITY combustion turbine, gas turbine, turbine, turbine exhaust, turbine diffuser, exhaust diffuser, turbine exhaust diffuser, turbine exhaust noise, exhaust noise, low frequency noise, low frequency sound, turbine infrasound, vibration, vibration reduction, flow enhancer, flow enhancement, greenhouse gas, greenhouse gas reduction, power plant efficiency, efficiency, carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide reduction