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Title: Spatial resolution limits for synchrotron-based infrared spectromicroscopy

Detailed spatial resolution tests were performed on beamline 1.4.4 at the Advanced Light Source synchrotron facility in Berkeley, CA. The high-brightness synchrotron source is coupled at this beamline to a Thermo-Electron Continumum XL infrared microscope. Two types of resolution tests in both the mid-IR (using a KBr beamsplitter and an MCT-A* detector) and in the near-IR (using a CaF2 beamsplitter and an InGaAS detector) were performed and compared to a simple diffraction-limited spot size model. At the shorter wavelengths in the near-IR the experimental results begin to deviate from only diffraction-limited. The entire data set is fit using a combined diffraction-limit and demagnified electron beam source size model. This description experimentally verifies how the physical electron beam size of the synchrotron source demagnified to the sample stage on the endstation begins to dominate the focussed spot size and therefore spatial resolution at higher energies. We discuss how different facilities, beamlines, and microscopes will affect the achievable spatial resolution.
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Journal ID: 1350-4495; TRN: US0805755
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Journal Article
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Journal Name: Infrared Physics&Technology; Journal Volume: 51; Journal Issue: 5; Related Information: Journal Publication Date: May 2008
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Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States)
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Advanced Light Source Division
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United States
47; 43; ADVANCED LIGHT SOURCE; ELECTRON BEAMS; MICROSCOPES; RESOLUTION; SPATIAL RESOLUTION; SYNCHROTRONS; WAVELENGTHS; Synchrotron; Spatial resolution; Microscopy; Spectromicroscopy; Imaging; Diffraction