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Title: Capture of CO2 From Recirculating Flue Gas Boilers

The possible need for an economical method for the separation of CO2 from flue gas adds a new set of challenges to power plant design, construction, operation, and maintenance. Many of the new requirements of CO2 separation are similar in nature to those addressed by the mature chemical engineering processes used in petroleum refining and industrial chemical production. Chemical engineering processes are regularly used to separate heterogeneous vapors in processes such as the fractionation of hydrocarbons or the separation of the components of air. This paper addresses the application of chemical engineering processes to the mixtures of gases and vapors found in the flue gas of recirculating boilers. Adaptation of these techniques can lead to a reduction in the energy required to capture CO2.
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Conference: 28th International Technical Conference on Coal Utilization & Fuel Systems, Clearwater, FL, March 9-12, 2003 (presented by U.S. Department of Energy, Coal Technology Association, & American Society of Mechanical Engineers - Fuels & Combustion Technologies Division, in cooperation with the National Energy Technology Laboratory, U.S. Dept. of Energy); Related Information: U.S. Patent 6,898,936 issued May 31, 2005
Coal Technology Association, Gaithersburg, MD ( (Proceedings of the 28th International Technical Conference on Coal Utilization and Fuel Systems, Coal Technology Association, pp. 456-464 of PDF)
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Albany Research Center (ARC), Albany, OR
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USDOE - Office of Fossil Energy (FE)
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United States
20 FOSSIL-FUELED POWER PLANTS; 01 COAL, LIGNITE, AND PEAT; 09 BIOMASS FUELS carbon dioxide capture; oxy-fuel combustion; flue gas recirculation; carbon capture; carbon dioxide