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Title: Geological control on the reservoir characteristics of Olkaria West Geothermal Field, Kenya

The reservoir of the West Olkaria Geothermal Field is hosted within tuffs and the reservoir fluid is characterized by higher concentrations of reservoir CO{sub 2} (10,000-100,000 mg/kg) but lower chloride concentrations of about 200 mg/kg than the East and North East Fields. The West Field is in the outflow and main recharge area of the Olkaria geothermal system. Permeability is generally low in the West Field and its distribution is strongly controlled by the structures. Fault zones show higher permeability with wells drilled within the structures havin larger total mass outputs. However, N-S and NW-SE faults are mainly channels for cold water downflow into the reservoir. Well feeder zones occur mostly at lava-tuff contacts; within fractured lava flows and at the contacts of intrusives and host rocks.
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Conference: Proceedings, nineteenth workshop on geothermal reservoir engineering, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, January 18-20, 1994
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The Kenya Power Company, Ltd., Naivasha, KE
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United States
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