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Title: Noninvasive Characterization Of A Flowing Multiphase Fluid Using Ultrasonic Interferometry

An apparatus for noninvasively monitoring the flow and/or the composition of a flowing liquid using ultrasound is described. The position of the resonance peaks for a fluid excited by a swept-frequency ultrasonic signal have been found to change frequency both in response to a change in composition and in response to a change in the flow velocity thereof. Additionally, the distance between successive resonance peaks does not change as a function of flow, but rather in response to a change in composition. Thus, a measurement of both parameters (resonance position and resonance spacing), once calibrated, permits the simultaneous determination of flow rate and composition using the apparatus and method of the present invention.
  1. (Los Alamos, NM)
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US 6889560
US patent application 10/649886
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Los Alamos National Laboratory
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United States