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Title: Method of and apparatus for removing silicon from a high temperature sodium coolant

A method of and system for removing silicon from a high temperature liquid sodium coolant system for a nuclear reactor. The sodium is cooled to a temperature below the silicon saturation temperature and retained at such reduced temperature while inducing high turbulence into the sodium flow for promoting precipitation of silicon compounds and ultimate separation of silicon compound particles from the liquid sodium.
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  1. (Richland, WA)
  2. (Kennewick, WA)
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US H262
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Hanford Engineering Development Lab., Richland, WA (USA)
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United States
method; apparatus; removing; silicon; temperature; sodium; coolant; liquid; nuclear; reactor; cooled; below; saturation; retained; reduced; inducing; turbulence; flow; promoting; precipitation; compounds; ultimate; separation; compound; particles; sodium coolant; silicon compound; saturation temperature; temperature below; nuclear reactor; liquid sodium; reduced temperature; removing silicon; temperature sodium; temperature liquid; sodium flow; /75/23/165/266/422/423/