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Title: Fuel handling system for a nuclear reactor

A pool type nuclear fission reactor has a core, with a plurality of core elements and a redan which confines coolant as a hot pool at a first end of the core separated from a cold pool at a second end of the core by the redan. A fuel handling system for use with such reactors comprises a core element storage basket located outside of the redan in the cold pool. An access passage is formed in the redan with a gate for opening and closing the passage to maintain the temperature differential between the hot pool and the cold pool. A mechanism is provided for opening and closing the gate. A lifting arm is also provided for manipulating the fuel core elements through the access passage between the storage basket and the core when the redan gate is open.
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  1. (Hickory Hills, IL)
  2. (Park Ridge, IL)
  3. (Glen Ellyn, IL)
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US H177
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Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), Argonne, IL
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United States
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