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Title: Sample push-out fixture

This invention generally relates to the remote removal of pelletized samples from cylindrical containment capsules. V-blocks are used to receive the samples and provide guidance to push out rods. Stainless steel liners fit into the v-channels on the v-blocks which permits them to be remotely removed and replaced or cleaned to prevent cross contamination between capsules and samples. A capsule holder securely holds the capsule while allowing manual up/down and in/out movement to align each sample hole with the v-blocks. Both end sections contain identical v-blocks; one that guides the drive out screw and rods or manual push out rods and the other to receive the samples as they are driven out of the capsule.
  1. (Scotia, NY)
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US 6474923
US patent application 09/510,345
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United States
sample; push-out; fixture; relates; remote; removal; pelletized; samples; cylindrical; containment; capsules; v-blocks; receive; provide; guidance; push; rods; stainless; steel; liners; fit; v-channels; permits; remotely; removed; replaced; cleaned; prevent; contamination; capsule; holder; securely; holds; allowing; manual; updown; inout; movement; align; hole; sections; contain; identical; guides; drive; screw; driven; stainless steel; /414/