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Title: Correction of I/Q channel errors without calibration

A method of providing a balanced demodular output for a signal such as a Doppler radar having an analog pulsed input; includes adding a variable phase shift as a function of time to the input signal, applying the phase shifted input signal to a demodulator; and generating a baseband signal from the input signal. The baseband signal is low-pass filtered and converted to a digital output signal. By removing the variable phase shift from the digital output signal, a complex data output is formed that is representative of the output of a balanced demodulator.
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  1. (Albuquerque, NM)
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US 6469661
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United States
correction; iq; channel; errors; calibration; method; providing; balanced; demodular; output; signal; doppler; radar; analog; pulsed; input; adding; variable; phase; shift; function; time; applying; shifted; demodulator; generating; baseband; low-pass; filtered; converted; digital; removing; complex; data; formed; representative; output signal; input signal; phase shift; pass filter; /342/375/