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Title: Ultra-precision positioning assembly

An apparatus and method is disclosed for ultra-precision positioning. A slide base provides a foundational support. A slide plate moves with respect to the slide base along a first geometric axis. Either a ball-screw or a piezoelectric actuator working separate or in conjunction displaces the slide plate with respect to the slide base along the first geometric axis. A linking device directs a primary force vector into a center-line of the ball-screw. The linking device consists of a first link which directs a first portion of the primary force vector to an apex point, located along the center-line of the ball-screw, and a second link for directing a second portion of the primary force vector to the apex point. A set of rails, oriented substantially parallel to the center-line of the ball-screw, direct movement of the slide plate with respect to the slide base along the first geometric axis and are positioned such that the apex point falls within a geometric plane formed by the rails. The slide base, the slide plate, the ball-screw, and the linking device together form a slide assembly. Multiple slide assemblies can be distributed about a platform. In such a configuration, the platform may bemore » raised and lowered, or tipped and tilted by jointly or independently displacing the slide plates.« less
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US 6408526
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Lawrence Livermore National Lab. (LLNL), Livermore, CA (United States)
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United States
ultra-precision; positioning; assembly; apparatus; method; disclosed; slide; base; provides; foundational; support; plate; moves; geometric; axis; ball-screw; piezoelectric; actuator; separate; conjunction; displaces; linking; device; directs; primary; force; vector; center-line; consists; link; portion; apex; located; directing; set; rails; oriented; substantially; parallel; direct; movement; positioned; falls; plane; formed; form; multiple; assemblies; distributed; platform; configuration; raised; lowered; tipped; tilted; jointly; independently; displacing; plates; substantially parallel; /33/269/