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Title: Thermocouple assembly

A thermocouple assembly includes a thermocouple; a plurality of lead wires extending from the thermocouple; an insulating jacket extending along and enclosing the plurality of leads; and at least one internally sealed area within the insulating jacket to prevent fluid leakage along and within the insulating jacket. The invention also provides a method of preventing leakage of a fluid along and through an insulating jacket of a thermocouple including the steps of a) attaching a plurality of lead wires to a thermocouple; b) adding a heat sensitive pseudo-wire to extend along the plurality of lead wires; c) enclosing the lead wires and pseudo-wire inside an insulating jacket; d) locally heating axially spaced portions of the insulating jacket to a temperature which melts the pseudo-wire and fuses it with an interior surface of the jacket.
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US 6354735
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General Electric Company (Schenectady, NY)
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United States
thermocouple; assembly; plurality; lead; wires; extending; insulating; jacket; enclosing; leads; internally; sealed; prevent; fluid; leakage; provides; method; preventing; including; steps; attaching; adding; heat; sensitive; pseudo-wire; extend; inside; locally; heating; axially; spaced; portions; temperature; melts; fuses; interior; surface; interior surface; wires extend; /374/136/277/