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Title: Filter assembly for metallic and intermetallic tube filters

A filter assembly (60) for holding a filter element (28) within a hot gas cleanup system pressure vessel is provided, containing: a filter housing (62), said filter housing having a certain axial length and having a peripheral sidewall, said sidewall defining an interior chamber (66); a one piece, all metal, fail-safe/regenerator device (68) within the interior chamber (66) of the filter housing (62) and/or extending beyond the axial length of the filter housing, said device containing an outward extending radial flange (71) within the filter housing for seating an essential seal (70), the device also having heat transfer media (72) disposed inside and screens (80) for particulate removal; one compliant gasket (70) positioned next to and above the outward extending radial flange of the fail-safe/regenerator device; and a porous metallic corrosion resistant superalloy type filter element body welded at the bottom of the metal fail-safe/regenerator device.
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  1. (113 Lehr Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15223)
  2. (3205 Cambridge Rd., Murrysville, PA 15668)
  3. (4469 Sardis Rd., Murrysville, PA 15668)
  4. (R.D. 7, Box 267-I, Italy Rd., Export, PA 15632-9621)
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US 6273925
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United States
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