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Title: Method of making thermally removable polymeric encapsulants

A method of making a thermally-removable encapsulant by heating a mixture of at least one bis(maleimide) compound and at least one monomeric tris(furan) or tetrakis(furan) compound at temperatures from above room temperature to less than approximately C. to form a gel and cooling the gel to form the thermally-removable encapsulant. The encapsulant can be easily removed within approximately an hour by heating to temperatures greater than approximately C., preferably in a polar solvent. The encapsulant can be used in protecting electronic components that may require subsequent removal of the encapsulant for component repair, modification or quality control.
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US 6271335
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United States
method; thermally; removable; polymeric; encapsulants; thermally-removable; encapsulant; heating; mixture; bis; maleimide; compound; monomeric; tris; furan; tetrakis; temperatures; temperature; approximately; 90; degree; form; cooling; easily; removed; hour; preferably; polar; solvent; protecting; electronic; components; require; subsequent; removal; component; repair; modification; quality; control; polar solvent; easily removed; electronic components; subsequent removal; /528/264/525/