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Title: Sequential detection of web defects

A system for detecting defects on a moving web having a sequential series of identical frames uses an imaging device to form a real-time camera image of a frame and a comparitor to comparing elements of the camera image with corresponding elements of an image of an exemplar frame. The comparitor provides an acceptable indication if the pair of elements are determined to be statistically identical; and a defective indication if the pair of elements are determined to be statistically not identical. If the pair of elements is neither acceptable nor defective, the comparitor recursively compares the element of said exemplar frame with corresponding elements of other frames on said web until one of the acceptable or defective indications occur.
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  1. (Albuquerque, NM)
  2. (Cedar Crest, NM)
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US 6266437
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United States
sequential; detection; web; defects; detecting; moving; series; identical; frames; imaging; device; form; real-time; camera; image; frame; comparitor; comparing; elements; corresponding; exemplar; provides; acceptable; indication; pair; determined; statistically; defective; neither; nor; recursively; compares; element; indications; occur; imaging device; moving web; camera image; sequential series; detecting defects; time camera; corresponding element; /382/348/356/